Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can relationships with big age differences survive?

I was asked to post about my opinion on age differences in relationships. He specifically named the ages 19 and 30 (if memory serves me correctly.)

 I honestly don't have a problem with age differences (depending on the age of the younger person; meaning that if they're under 18, that tends to present a legality problem.  That's where the line between "robbing the cradle" and pedophilia comes in.)  If a couple is able to work through their differences, then awesome. 

I think it depends on the couple as to whether or not they will work out.  Some couples seem to have what it takes to make a relationship work despite the differences, but I think most relationships of this nature tend to fail eventually.

There are several reasons a relationship such as this probably won't last. Especially at the ages of 19 and 30, people are going through different kinds of lifestyle changes which could ultimately cause a major problem in relationships.  People of different ages tend to have different types of wants and goals. I think its extremely important in any relationship for both involved to share common, or similar, goals. Having similar goals gives the couple something to work toward together.

A lot of the time, the younger of the couple tends to get bored, or decides they want more. For instance, say the older of the couple can no longer have kids.  That might end up being a major issue for the younger.

So if you ask me whether or not I think these types of relationships are possible, I'll say yes. If you ask me if I think they're probable, ...not so much.

Now, I'm asking you. What is your opinion on this subject? Do you think such relationships can/will work out?


april yarber said...

eh i'm 19 my husband is 27... we tend to work pretty well. I think men usually don't grow up til later in life. I've always been attracted to guys older than me. Guys my age always seemed so immature.

enslegis benais said...

That's exactly what my thoughts were, april. I didn't grow up, till now. As for Nicki s opinion,you are very intelligent. I prize people with your kinda wit. Take my name Enslegis, for example, the meaning of it, says it all for the entire world. With that said, I can honestly surmise that age is not all that society perceives it to be. Until, it comes to kids. I think, the 19 yr old will want kids of his own.