Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post-Halloween post

So, I meant to post this last night when I got home from semi-trick-or-treating with my daughter. But I ended up with a slight change of plans.

After taking Stormi to a few places and showing her off in her hippy ballerina outfit, I got all dressed up.
(because putting on cat ears and drawing whiskers on my face is my form of "all dressed up.")

My friends and I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was awesome. It was my first time so I had to wear the red V of the "virgin" on my forehead. And amongst other things, we did the time warp. Please allow me to show all of the "virgins" how it's done.
How many of you tried it? ...Fun wasn't it?

Anyways, that being said, my baby girl looked so cute yesterday! Everyone fussed over her. (They typically do that anyway though.) Here we are at my mom's office:

I  know, I know...AWWWWWWW.

I would write more but I have a statistics exam to go ace. ;)


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