Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Okay, so there's this girl named Violet and her fiance Shane. I went to high school with Violet and I met Shane through my husband. 

Shane recently started begging me for my phone number. 

When I wouldn't give it to him, he posted on my timeline that I'm stuck up and I need to get over myself.  After which he sent me a message telling me to stop starting shit with him. 

Approximately the next day, I posted a status about making a 95 on my statistics final. He commented on that status saying that he can't wait until karma "ass fucks me with a cactus" and calling me a "fuckin' cunt bubble."

Someone told my husband about this and he posted on Shane's timeline telling him off and defending me. He also tried to help Violet see that her fiance is a womanizer. (and it's true).

Violet asked me to tell my husband to stop. I said no.

Violet then sent me a hateful message telling me that it's none of my business and that she already knows he's a womanizer but she doesn't care. She loves him and she's been with him for a whole 5 weeks, and she's going to marry him. (Even though he's already married.) (Might I add here that she also said "at least he treats me better than your husband treats you!" ....Screeeeeeewwwwww you, Violet!)

Before I could even read this message, I got a message from Violet's mom asking me to leave Violet alone.

My response is, WTF?

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J.R. Briggs said...

Regardless, I realize that I messed up horribly. But as the mother of our amazing daughter, I will defend you at all costs, not mattering the price I may have to pay. I realize that what I done to you was very wrong. But I will not allow anyone to treat you even close to the way that I did. And I truly am sorry.