Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rantings of an Annoyed ...Well...Me, Whatever I am...

Okay so...

This girl (who isn't even on my friend list) randomly comments on my status with:"Did Andy rape you?" (No idea who Andy is..) so I go to her profile and see a status that says "andy is mowing my yard and its sexy"...the following conversation took place in its comments.

Me: "You let a rapist mow your yard?"
Her: "Andy aint a rapist"
....another person chews her out. tells her to leave her friends alone...
Her: "F*** u"
Me: "Learn English."
Her: "I dont have she u ugly b****"
Me: "If you think I'm going to be insulted by verbal attacks on my physical appearance then you should go back to elementary school.."
Her: "No I dont b**** ur retarded just like ur friend"
Me: "I'm retarded? I graduated high school with honors and am currently one semester away from earning my bachelor's of science degree in psychology. I know correct grammar and can spell correctly. I currently have a gpa of 2.89 and an IQ of 102. Considering someone who is retarded wouldn't have an IQ over 70, I'd say I'm not retarded."

...I let the conversation end there.

At the same time, someone on my friend list posted a picture of a guy with an attitude (only way I can describe it) sitting in one of those power-wheelchaired carts at Walmart (What are they called? ah..doesn't matter). With a caption that said "Lmao! Old f**** be like move b****! I got my Social Security." on which I comment with "Wow. That's disrespectful."  My comment of course resulted in this person cussing me out and telling me that he will "say whatever I want whenever I want to whoever I want".  I refrained from saying "Um, I think you mean 'whomever'."

Do people not even go to school anymore? Do parents not raise their kids anymore? I don't understand. I was raised to respect my elders and be kind. But I also learned how to spell and use proper English. It just really irritates me that today's youth act as if they've never been taught a single thing their entire lives.

Look, I'm not one to get offended by insults, but I think if you're going to act like you know everything or like you're better than everyone else, you should at least get an education first.

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